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In Press
Marti, M., Metcalfe, G.: A Hennessy-Milner Property for Many-Valued Modal Logics. Advances in Modal Logic. College Publications (In Press).
Sato, K., Zumbrunnen, R.: A New Model Construction by Making a Detour via Intuitionistic Theories I: Operational Set Theory without Choice is $\Pi_1$-equivalent to KP. Annals of Pure and Applied Logic. (In Press).
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Eberhard, S.: Applicative theories for logarithmic complexity classes. Theoretical Computer Science. (In Press).
Studer, T., Werner, J.: Censors for Boolean Description Logic. Transactions on Data Privacy. (In Press).
Sato, K.: Forcing for Hat Inductive Definitions in Arithmetic – One of the Simplest Applications of Forcing –. Mathematical Logic Quarterly. (In Press).
Flumini, D., Sato, K.: From hierarchies to well-foundedness. Archive for Mathematical Logic. (In Press).
Sato, K.: Full and Hat Inductive Definitions Are Equivalent in NBG. Archive for Mathematical Logic. (In Press).
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Savateev, Y.: Sequent Calculus for Justifications. Journal of Logic and Computation. (In Press).
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